The 7 Day Business Cleanse with Mona Lisa Ondevilla

Do you dream of being a coach and girl boss, but don’t know where to start?

Are you introverted, intuitive or sensitive to energy?

Do you feel isolated and overwhelmed on your business journey?

Have you gone through a life-changing transformation, and now feel a deep calling to help others?

Are you tired of feeling stuck, and ready to take action so you can consistently grow your business?

>> Of course you can't! <<

I know this, because I was just like you, only three short years ago.

I also know that you are absolutely loved and divinely guided by the Universe...

... because, somehow, you landed here.

On the only place on the web designed to show intoverted and sensitive women - who have big dreams and divine purposes - how to slay it as girl bosses.


You don’t believe in coincidences.

The truth is, once you cleanse your life of the blocks holding you back from success in your business, nothing can stop you (it's not as hard as you think).

Then, you’ll be an expert in creating joy, abundance, confidence and freedom in your life.

The first step for you, right now, is to do a deep and thorough business cleanse to rid yourself of the hidden negative energy holding you back. 

Feel nervous, apprehensive, anxious? Totally normal. Thats's just your fear-based ego trying to run the show (again). 



I’ve tried so many online programs, but nothing seems to work. Why will this work? 

I made this program for myself... because I so desperately needed it. I was enrolled in a ton of online programs, including Marie Forleo’s BSchool, Gabby Bernstein’s group coaching program, Eben Pagan’s marketing program, Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map program, and my coach training program.  

These amazing programs helped me figure out what type of coach I wanted to be, but I still couldn't make money. It was heartbreaking and frustrating! During my "rock bottom" moment, I realized what was missing... as an introverted and sensitive woman, I needed a business plan that worked with my strengths (instead of against them). The first step was to cleanse myself from the negative energy and fear that was stopping me from putting myself "out there". If that resonates with you, you'll love this program.

What will I get from doing the 7 Day Business Cleanse?

  • Access to your own personal, abundant supply of positive energy that you can tap into at will 
  • More energy = showing up for your life & business in a bigger way! 
  • Practical tools on how to get rid of negative business energies & how to block & release unwanted energy 
  • An increased amount of energy for building your business, and a decreased amount of energy spent doing what drains you
  • Trust in your own energy and intuition, which will lead to better choices for your business 
  • Self-awareness on what types of scenarios drain you and how to plan your business around it 
  • An increase in your energy (this will magnetically draw the perfect clients and scenarios into your life!) 

Do I need to have a background in coaching or business?

Not at all! The 7 Day Business Cleanse is designed for people with moderate to no business or coaching background. It will give you an overview of how to identify and move past the common business saboteurs that may be massively slowing down your success. You’ll also learn how to raise your vibes (meaning, you'll learn how to become SUPER attractive to your dream life!). If you’re already a successful online coach, this might not be the best fit for you, beyond giving you a structure for attracting additional levels of success.

How is the 7 Day Business Cleanse delivered?

The 7 Day Business Cleanse is delivered via email for 7 consecutive days. Every day, you’ll receive a short letter from me telling you what to expect, along with a link to the day’s audio. Check your spam folder, or email if you don’t receive your welcome email within a few hours of signing up.

Is the 7 Day Business Cleanse really free?

Yes! It is 100% free. 

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch – I created the 7 Day Business Cleanse because I wanted to share these practices with aspiring introverted entrepreneurs who feel stuck, but don't want to give up, because they know they're meant for something more. It’s also a very good introduction to my work. If you love it, all I ask is that you share it with friends who you think will benefit. 

I’m Mona Lisa Ondevilla, an international success coach for intuitive coaches.  

Mind you, I’m not just any “success coach.” My chief advisor is Uni (the Universe), I adore surrounding myself with crystals, and I rely on miracles. Oh yeah… and I’m endlessly curious about people.  

I love helping women connect with their stories, find their voice, tap into their intuition, so they can build coaching businesses that allow them to live their truth and lead fulfilling, joy-filled lives.

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